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Re: Attitude and happiness

Concerning Jim's inspiring letter about being quick to label a day "bad" 
(correct me if that's not what it was at least partially about)--  I am 
motivated, I cannot wait to hit the trail for an extended trek (although 
it wont happen until '97 or '98).

But at the same time, the feelings that Jim speaks about are such deep 
emotions, that they are ones which cannot merely be spoken of.  Instead 
of walking away from that letter thinking "yeah, hardships really aren't 
always bad" (which I am in the process of learning), I thought, "Hey, 
this letter assures me that I will learn these things on the trail as 
long as I give myself the chance."  And I am confident that I will 
learn the same things that Jim did. By nature, though, they are words 
that cannot be known through merely reading them, they have to be 
experienced. Then, when I return from the trail, I can give Jim a high-five 
and truly feel the words he spoke.

Thanks, Jim, for the encouragement.

('97/'98 hopeful)