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RE: Questions

Through the years(25) I've had some bad problems with porkies all in
Vermont on AT/LT and the LT north. My dog once got quilled so badly she
nearly died and at the time 15 years ago at least, they seemed to be at
every shelter devastating outhouses and sometimes the shelters themselves
by persistent gnawing at salt saturated areas but lately they are pretty
scarce. I think like all animals they have population explosions and then
are rare for a while. I see the occasional one now and again and my new pup
got quilled last summer on the Killington section in Vermont but it's not
as bad as it has been. When they are rampant you need to even watch out for
your boots and the brake boots under your car.  With any luck the fishers
which were introduced a while back to these mountains will keep their
population a little more average.
                                                Dot MacDonald "D-Train" Me-Ga