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Re: Questions

>>In case you can't tell - I don't like mice, I rarely stay in shelters, and I
>>don't recommend shelters to others.
>I am not trying to smart a--, I am new at this so please do not take this
>as sarcasm.
>Where do you stay then?  Hotels?  Pitch a tent?
>Let it snow! Let it snow! Let it Snow!

John -

Personal preference is a tent - I very rarely backpack without one.
I hedged on that cause it seems like I did it not too long ago, but I can't
remember where.

On the AT there are people who happily use the shelters.   There
are some who use them, but aren't particularly happy about it.   And then
there are those of us who use them only as an emergency backup.

My problems with the shelters are the mice and the noise.   Unlike Dick
Wix and others, I can't use earplugs.  I was a wrestler in another life
and have a cauliflower ear that gets infected every time I try to use
them.   But that's my personal problem isn't it?

A few of the other places I've stayed - hostels (same noise problem
as shelters), motels, barns (more mice!!), highway underpasses, B&B's,
cabins, a flat spot on the ground, fire towers and the back of my truck.

I guess the bottom line is - you stay where you can get dry and warm or
where you can afford to or wherever is available or sometimes wherever
you are.  Not much help, eh??   And I'm not trying to be smart a-- either,
John.   I guess it's a matter of flexibility, price, availability and sometimes

Good luck,
Jim Owen