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Re: Questions

Bald Eagle and others,

>My problems with the shelters are the mice and the noise.   Unlike Dick
>Wix and others, I can't use earplugs.  I was a wrestler in another life
>and have a cauliflower ear that gets infected every time I try to use
>A few of the other places I've stayed - hostels (same noise problem
>as shelters), motels, barns (more mice!!), highway underpasses, B&B's,
>cabins, a flat spot on the ground, fire towers and the back of my truck.
   Don't get me too far off base... I use the ear plugs only in noisy
places, ie; shelters, hostels, inns, etc.

   High Pocket (90, I think) passed out earplugs at Woods Hole; he's a
notorious noise maker...

   I rely on my tent for about 85% of my hiking; a hostel, inn or motel once
a week or ten days is my idea of getting my act back to hiking....

  still looking for the perfect hike,

Dick Wix
   "WIXeR"   AT-94  GA>ME 
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