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Re: Where can I stay in Hot Springs N.C.?

Thanks for the Info.  We should be able to find a place pretty use now.



>I've been to Hot Springs NC many, many times.  I've always stayed in the
>campground because I'm a miser.  The gnats are bad along the French Broad
>River there at times, but go away once the sun goes down.
>There is a motel in Hot Springs: Alpine Court Motel real close to a small
>store. There is the Bridge Street Inn. It's in my guide as having a shared
>bath, and it's over the Bridge Street Cafe (which used to be the Trailside
>Cafe). It can't be much.  There's Creekside Cottage which I am unfamiliar
>with.  It is located at the Blue Ridge Rafting.  
>Ramsey's Apartments has overnight rental for hikers with 2 bdrms, kitchen,
>furnished for $75 a night.
>Then of course there is the Jesuit Hostel for thru-hikers; "The Inn" (phone #
>704-622-7206) which is a house in the middle of town ran by Elmer Hall (meals
>are vegetarian).  No smoking.  Donations  of $12 a night plus donations for
>meals.   "The Ducket House Inn" (phone # 704-622-7621) is a farmhouse on the
>outskirts of town(but not far from downtown).  Real pretty setting. Rates are
>$22 a person which includes breakfast.  There are also tentsites there, which
>I didn't know before. One place not mentioned in "Wingfoot's" guide is called
>"The Brick House" which is probably rather expensive.  It is an entire house
>you can rent.  More for the vacationer I would suppose.  That phone # is
>I hope all this helps you find a place to stay.  It's a nice little town.
> You'll like it!