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Re: Questions

  They're wright about the porcupines.  They also like to eat the Nike logos
off their shoes.  Hang everything, it may end up in a mud puddle if left on
the ground.

 P.S.  Just kidding about the porcupines

        Happy trails to you

>I have recently subscribed to the at-l.  Our Boy Scout troop will be hiking a
>portion of the AT (Penn.) this summer (Last week of July) and had some
>questions.  They would like to know if there is a problem with mice and/or
>porcupines.  Do they need to hang their packs as well as food?  They had
>heard that the porcupines like to eat straps.  I appreciate your time.  Rick
>Rick M. Eugene
>email:  clxr28@email.mot.com