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ride offered for 3/16 start date of AT-96

Hi folks,

This is my first time writing in, although I have been reading the wonderful
postings for some time now.  I do some hiking/backpacking from time to time.
Would like to the AT some day but for now would like to see off some of you
thru-hikers starting this year at Springer.  I live in New Orleans and plan
on driving up to trailhead by 3/16 early morning.  So if I can take a person
or two with me from New Orleans or from anywhere between here and trailhead,
I would be happy to do that.  I guess we can discuss the specifics if any one
shows interest to this (strange?) offer at all.

My name is Priyo and I work as an environmental engineer in New Orleans.  I
am yet to graduate from the PhD program in env. engg. from Tulane University.
All my backpackings have been in Arkansas and Smokies, them being the closest
mountains to New Orleans.

Hoping to see some of you at Springer soon.