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Re: intros

In a message dated 96-02-24 06:15:45 EST, mgreenwa@Libris.Public.Lib.GA.US
(marlis_greenway) writes:

> I'm hoping to do Ga-Wesser NC this year.  I
>live about 40 miles from Amicalola.   I do walk with my dog, but I make it a
>habit to stay out of everyone's way.  
>     My question is, is the Springer-NC section really as packed in the
>spring as everyone says?  The irony is that, although I live this close to
>the AT and I've done a lot of backpacking, I've never been on the AT. I'm
>seriously considering rescheduling doing Ga-NC to the fall because of the
>crowd. (Hurricane Opal bumped me out of doing it last fall.)  I certainly
>don't have anything against thru-hikers, but I'm a slow-walking kind of guy
>that would probably create a traffic jam.  Any advice would be appreciated.
>Jim Greenway  

Jim, I did the Amicalola Falls State Park to Wesser Gap section in August,
1993 and spent all nights but two by myself in shelters.  On a couple of days
I didn't see anyone else on the trail.  It wasn't that hot and I had no
problem with mosquitoes.

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GA>ME, '93-'05