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getting to Springer

Christeena asked about how to get to Springer --
If you don't already have it, get either Wingfoot's Book or Joe and 
Monica Cook's Book.  They are both Thruhiker guides and explain how 
to get to and from the trail, among other things.  One of them is an 
absolute necessity for planning the trail because they talk about the 
towns and services along the way.

To get from Atlanta to Springer, if you can't get a ride from one of 
the many local people who advertise rides to the trail (see the 
books), you can get an Amtrack to Gainesville or a bus.  Then there 
is a $40 taxi ride from Gainesville to Amicola, then an eight mile 
walk to the top of Springer.   The 
schedules change, so even if you read that there is a bus or a train, 
call the station and make sure.   In 1992 they changed the bus service to 
only once a day, and of course I missed it by 1/2 hour.  Although 
there are three routes up the mountain that will get you closer to 
Springer, generally the taxis refuse to take them because they are 
dirt forest service roads and the trailheads are easy to miss.  One 
gets you 5 miles from the top, one about 3 and one .9.  The approach 
trail from Amicola is a good work out, and a lot of hikes have ended 
before the first white blaze was seen.  - Ginny