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Transcon hike

Hi everyone!

I have mostly been in the woodwork on this list, and by doing so I have
gotten a lot of information that will help me on the hike I've always
dreamed of, to walk across the continent.  There is not any list for
roll-your-own hikes, and I've been grateful for the AT list and all the
useful information you've all posted.

I guess I've always wanted to do something like this from a very young
age, when the likes of Lewis and Clark were my heroes.  Heck, like all
of you, I don't know how far I'll get, but I'm sure I'll get a lot 
farther, and maybe even finish this thing, as a result of sharing
information and feelings with others such as the gang on this list.

To have as long a season as possible, I'm starting at Boston on March 9
and I'll be heading west from there, along the Erie Canal in NY, and
then along the north shore of Lake Erie in Ontario.  The route I've laid
out crosses Michigan from Port Huron to Grand Rapids and then drops down
around Lake Michigan, crossing Illinois on the I & M and Hennepin barge
canal towpaths.  I can cross the Mississippi at the quad cities, and then
at about Iowa City I'll start angling down southwestward, diagonally 
across Kansas and NM, across southern Arizona (by then it should be
winter, and doable), and through the Imperial Valley and Palm Springs
to LA, and up the coast to SF.

Any words of encouragement, wisdom, or recounts of similar adventures
from any of you would be welcome, as well as any wishes of any of you
to meet should I be passing your way.

I'll be thinking of all of you as I cross the AT at Bennington, VT.

Bill Choisser, San Francisco, CA

internet email:  lkenney@slip.net
packet bbs:      K9AT@W6PW.#NOCAL.CA.USA.NOAM