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Re: getting to Springer

>Christeena asked about how to get to Springer --
>If you don't already have it, get either Wingfoot's Book or Joe and 
>Monica Cook's Book.  They are both Thruhiker guides and explain how 
>to get to and from the trail, among other things.  One of them is an 
>absolute necessity for planning the trail because they talk about the 
>towns and services along the way.
>To get from Atlanta to Springer, if you can't get a ride fro

dear ginny,
actually i talked to wingfoot last night when i was using the telephone
to forage for info. 
thanks again. i 'll look into amtrak, but i am leaning toward a bus.
sorry to sound like dolt, but can you explain the shuttle (like where and
how)? again?