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Re: dehydrating food

Jim wrote:

>Would anyone be interested in contributing to a thread about food 

I can second the recommendation of fruit leathers.  They taste great and keep
well.  My own favorite is apricot leather, but you can only make it such a
brief part of the year.

A great meal is curried vegetables with cous-cous.  Cous-cous is an exellent
backpacking food because it cooks so easily (just add boiling water and
wait).  I'd recommend drying 1/2 to 1 cup of bite-sized vegetables per
serving for this, depending on how hungry you get.  A mixture of broccoli and
cauliflower works well.  My dryer's instructions say to blanch the vegetables
before drying, which seems to make them reconstitute better.  Also bring 1/2
to 1 cup of cous-cous per serving.  At camp, boil enough water in one pot to
reconstitute the veggies and the cous-cous.  Add the veggies to the the water
when you start heating it and simmer a bit if needed to make the veggies
soft.  Then turn off the heat, and add the cous-cous.  Add curry as you like.
After a short wait, it's great.