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RE: Re: AT Water

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Sent: 	Wednesday, February 14, 1996 5:22 PM
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Re: SW Virginia water.

Does the nice spring just South from the Mt. Rogers shelter run dry in 
times of low rainfall?  That is usually a gd. water source except when 
people wash their dishes right at the head, thus contaminating it 
downstream.  I was so angry....
Yes it does go dry in times of of low rainfall, but there is another water 
source not far from the shelter. I believe it a water trough for the ponies 
that is spring fed. Check the log in the shelter or look for a posting in the 
shelter during dry seasons for its location. 

The Mt. Rogers area is the most beatuiful area for hiking in Virginia. 
Unfortunatly you don't have to venture far from the trail to find the signs of 
abuse left by careless hikers, hunters, horseman, etc. My wife and I found and 
old Coleman stove, empty one gallon fuel cans, old plastic bags of 
garbage....the list goes on. We took what we could but there was at least 
three more bags of trash left. Were we angry, yes. Do we blame anyone? No. Do 
we need to educate the public on how to treat the back country in our national 
parks and forests? I don't know. But the best we can do is to try to repair 
what damage we find and leave things in better shape than when we found them.

Happy hiking on the AT in Virginia. Mt. Rogers is still the greatest!!!