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Re: Thru-Hike Preparation Question

>Just a few last minute questions for ya all before I leave in 14 days :)
>This concerns food.  Do most thru hikers use butter in their cooking and
>such?  If so, what kind of butter is best and how long does it last
>unrefridgerated?  What is the best storage of it?  It might me a stupid
>question but it would be stupider not to know and not ask...
>One By Land

Hi Andy!
  This will sound a little disgusting to most people, but it makes a great
"ooh Yuck!" story for thruhikers.  I ate a LOT of mac-n-cheese in the trail
and I always put a lot of squeeze margarine in it.  You know that stuff
that comes in the squeeze bottle - liquid margarine or butter.  Since you
burn so many calories on a thruhike, extra calories are your friends.  I
always bought a bottle of the highest calorie stuff I could get -- don't
buy lowfat anything!  When you get into the strenuous activity of a
thruhike, you'll burn more calories than you can take in.  Here's the sorta
gross part.  When I was _really_ losing weight and needed the calories, I
used to just turn the liquid margarine up and guzzle it.  I swear, I
eventually got where I liked the taste of the stuff!
Of course, if I did that today, my aorta would plug up within minutes.  I
sure loved it in '92 though!

Good Luck!
--Mike  (ME--->GA '92)

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