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Re: Sleeping Bags

>So I hear people starting with 15 degree bags, which sounds about 
>(Last March I spent a night cold in my 15 degree bag but that was 
>Bland, VA in early March after 6" of snow).  But are folks planning 
>switching at some point to a, "summer bag."

   In a word, "No." At least, not this folk. I can't afford to have 
bags rated for two different temperature ranges. (The Kelty backup is 
an older bag.) I just plan on venting at my feet and hoping I don't 
melt away this summer! Maybe I'll switch to using a bedsheet if I get 
THAT hot at night, but I'm assuming that some nights will still get 
chilly (esp. in mountains in New England), and I just want to be 
prepared should a freakish snowstorm blow up in mid-summer in 
Maryland. ;-)

GA-->ME '96 (If the four winds will kindly toss me that way...)