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Kelty Packs

Along the thread of Kelty packs. I just returned from a 5day winter ski
trip in Baxter with a new Kelty internal frame that was on sale in the
Winter Sale REI Catalogue. It is the Sundance model. I can say the pack is
pretty reasonable it seems a little small for a 5000ci+ pack but certainly
adequate. My only gripe was that the hip belt would slip and loosen
dropping the weight back on my shoulders and off my hips, this would happen
every couple of hours or so. I continuously had to stop hike it up and
retighten. My old Kelty Tioga circa 1970's has a metal cam lock that works
great but this new fastex buckle althought simple (and not cold) definately
was a pain in the neck with all the slippage. Any advice? thanks

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