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Re: Kelty Packs

At 08:07 AM 2/13/96 -0600, you wrote:
>Along the thread of Kelty packs.  It is the Sundance model. My only gripe 
> was that the hip belt would slip and loosen dropping the weight back on 
>my shoulders and off my hips, this would happen every couple of hours 
>or so. I continuously had to stop hike it up andretighten.
> My old Kelty Tioga circa 1970's has a metal cam lock that works
>great but this new fastex buckle althought simple (and not cold) definately
>was a pain in the neck with all the slippage. Any advice? thanks
Doug, et.al.

  I had problems with my replacement pack also (I had a Gerry 1970 model)...  
The new Camptrails Wilderness I bought in 94 had a Fastex system on it
(I used a lot of choice words on it to no avail)... When I got off the AT, I 
bought a Kelty replacement Cam-lock system, trashed the Fastex... It took
a little sewing, but now no slipping... Fastex works OK for some applications
but not all, needs a better gripping action or something like a Cam-lock...

happy trails,

Dick Wix
   "WIXeR"   AT-94  GA>ME 
" I'll get there,,,, when I get there.!!"       obscure