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Re: Merrells for thru-hike?

>Joe -
>I don't know about those particular boots, but thought I ought to tell you
>that most thruhikers wear out more than one pair of boots on the Trail.
>I wore out 3 pairs of Vasque Sundowners and was well into the fourth pair
>at Katahdin.  Even my partner had to change boots at Hanover, NH.  She
>gets about twice the mileage out of a pair of boots that I do. The only
>people I know who made it on one pair of boots were those who used
>heavy duty mountain boots or Limmers. And I won't use those for the
>AT - they put too much stress on the knees.
>Personal opinion - I'd get the second pair and break them in before
>starting the Trail.  One small possible problem - by the time you
>get them, your feet may have grown.
>Good luck
>Jim Owen

It took me 2 pairs of Sundowners to do the trail.