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Re: 96 thruhikers, part 1

>What a great post!  Thanks Jim;  you put into words many of the things I
>learned from my thru-hike (and things I'm still learning from it).  I'm
>glad your hike was such a positive experience, and I'm doubly glad that
>you're sharing this growth with us.  I'm looking forward to your thoughts
>in part 2.
>BTW everybody, looks like the list is up to 278 members!  I think it was
>about 225 people 2 weeks ago.  Wow!

Mike -

Thanks - the only problem is that now I know how many people I'm spilling
my guts for.   The REALLY scary part is that some of these people will
show up at the Gathering.   And they'll know a lot more about me than
I might be comfortable with.  Oh, well - that's life.   Kind of removes
some of the anonymity from the Net, doesn't it ?

They're not getting it all anyway - I realized this weekend that there
are some things that have become so integrated with what I am that
I can't even see them anymore.   I'm still learning, too.

Jim Owen