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Re: Greetings, List.

>Hello AT List,
>My name is Chuck Kichline, and I live in Austin, Texas.  I've been lurking
>for a couple of weeks, and would like to thank everybody for what they
>have shared.
>I'm considering hiking the trail in '97 - but might even have the
>opportunity to try a north-south hike later this year instead.
>I learned a lot from the pack weight suggestions.  Since I feel like
>replacing my ~1970 yellow nylon frame pack with something a little more
>up to date, I was wondering on pack SIZE.  I've seen everything from 3000 to
>6000+ cu in.  Any wisdom on what might be too small to be practical for a
>thru hike?

Hi Chuck,
  Just to let you know what I used: I don't know what the size was, but I
carried a Kelty (Super?) Tioga pack.  It had plenty of room for my stuff.
It's an external frame pack, so it's cheaper than an internal frame.  For
the AT, I think an external frame is fine, and several people I've talked
to have agreed.  Of course, the internal vs external argument could be
opened up here in the group if anyone feels strongly about it.


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