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Re: 96 thruhikers, part 1

>Jim, enjoyed your first part of thruhiking philosophy...so many things
>you mentioned remind me of lessons I brought back from the Trail... It's
>been interesting reading the many messages of the group since the short
>time I've joined ...it really makes me want to get back on the trail
>again for longer than just a day or a weekend. When reading the messages
>about pack weight, I mused at how when I started I carried too much, not
>just in terms of pack & body weight, but emotional weight as well. As I
>hiked, I found what I considered was important to carry along & what was

Pat -

I know what you mean - Springer fever is epidemic right now.   The
only thing that's helping us is that we've started to plan for the CDT.
It gives us hope.

The emotional weight  - I lost a lot of that, too.   Didn't include a lot of
that in the "part 1" post, but we decided early on that things like guilt,
shame and pride were much too heavy to carry.   And then I got home
and found out how many of the things I cared about before the Trail
didn't really matter.

Happy trails -
Jim Owen