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Re: Monson: Accom: Shaw's: 100 mile Wilderness

> If you do go, DEFINITELY stop at Shaw's boarding house in Monson,
> all you can eat at the end of the trail is very tempting indeed.

I don't know if this alternative in Monson is still available,
but on my thru-hike in 1993, I (with about 6 others) stayed
at Jake's Place.  It was (then) a very comfortably place with
loads of space and excellent facilities (self-catering).
It's opposite the store on Monson and is well worth a look if
it's still there.  At the time, I thought it was too good to be
true and just hoped that a hiker who followed might not trash the
place and destory the good will.  Jake was a *great* guy.
When I stayed there, it had just started up and was *very*
controversial in that it was competition for Shaw's (probably
not a bad thing in itself).

Anyone else seen, heard, know anything of Jake's Place?

Also, when hiking through the 100 miles Wilderness, we met Bill Irwin
(the blind thru-hiker) on a section hike.  He said he was thinking
of setting up a hiker hostel half-way through the wilderness?  This
too seemed somewhat counter to the aims of the 100 miles Wilderness?

Anyone else seen, heard, know anything of this item as well?