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Re: Monson: Accom: Shaw's: 100 mile Wilderness

Sure, there are alternatives to Shaw's, BUT...  Not having stayed there my
first trip and regretting it whenever I'd hear another hiker gush at how great
Shaw's was, I decided to stay there this past summer. Wow! It's not just the
food - huge hungry grown men, starved from weeks on the trail, pushing back
their plates finally, saying,"No, I just can't," to offers of yet more, - but
how really nice they are. Truly supportive. We needed to get a Dr in another
town to check out a problem. Keith said, "Take my truck!" No one knows the road
network in the 100-mile stretch like Keith. He shuttles hikers here and there
so often he has to have a friend assist him. They let you do your laundry right
there,w/o having to do it in town. And, he's got the only "store" of hiker-
type stuff in town now. A lot of hikers get a replacement pair of Thorlo
Trekkers there!! In short, they have built their life around helping hikers.
I don't sport T-shirts with company logos on them, but I have a SHAW'S T-shirt!

Also, on a more humorous note, I hate to debunk the 100-mile "wilderness" bit,
BUT...  There are lots of roads crossing the trail in those 100 miles. In
1983, my partner was 20 minutes ahead of me and came to one of those clearings
where a road crossed. As he approached the road, a car drove by, screeched to a
halt, and the driver asked if he'd like a cold beer. "Sure," said Roger Suttles
(with his dog,Tiny), "but I have a friend coming right along. You got two?"
No problem! When I came along, Roger was grinning from ear to ear and said,
"Check the creek for a little surprise I have for you!" Well, after enjoying
that little surprise on that hot day, I wondered what to do with the empties,
lamenting having to carry out 2 glass bottles for several days. Sure enough,
along came ANOTHER car and I talked the driver into taking out our empties.
So, I gotta ask ya...What kind of "wilderness" is it where you can enter a
clearing, get handed 2 cold ones from one car, and before you can leave,
minutes later, have another car take out your empties????!!!!