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Re: Starting dates for thru-hikers

-- [ From: Joe O'Neill * EMC.Ver #2.10P ] --

>    Hi all! I've enjoyed the posts since I signed up a while back. 
> nice to be amongst so many fellow AT aficionados. It seems like  we
have a
> good mix of enthusiasm and idealism tempered by experience  and
>    Now I have a question (or two)... (Hey, you knew they were coming 
> after I buttered ya'll up, right? ;-)) When are the thru-hiking 
> setting out this year? When do the thru-hikers from previous  years
> is the best time? I would like to avoid starting with a  huge crowd,
> with all the publicity the AT received last year, I  don't know if it
> be possible, especially since I can start no  earlier than mid- to
> late-March for financial reasons -- gotta save  up some cash! (Of
> the most important thing is just starting,  be it with a crowd of 10
> 1,000.)
>    Any suggestions/advice?
> Thanks in advance,
> Joe Castle
> "Trailnameless Joe" (as of yet)
> GA-->ME '96 (if I can just get started...)


With the name of Joe maybe you should consider starting with us on
03/25 to really get things confused ... I'm sure that before the first
day passes you'll have a trail handle! 

Our group of four (if we all get started) all have the first name of
Joe. The fit probably ends there tho' because, in addition to having
the same first name, we're all retired and all over sixty. I get the
idea you're younger.

Seriously, late March or early April should give you plenty of time to
experience much of what the trail has to offer and still get to
Katahdin before mid-October.
You may want to consider a start date that would have your arrival date
in Damascus conincide with Trail Days ... I understand that's a real

The most important thing is START.

Joe O'Neill
Shamrock '95-'00