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Re: Lyme Disease..

I should have mentioned before when I was telling of Purple Haze's Recluse
bite, that we feel the she was bitten while staying in a hostel in Manchester
Center VT. She noticed the mark leaving town and the next day hitched back
into town for treatment.

It's kind funny because there was a doctor at the shelter where we camped and
we asked him what he thought of the wound. He said, "if I were you, I get
that checked out." ;) It turns out that he specialized in premature infant
deliveries and had no clue about the spider bite.

Also, when Haze was at the medical center, she was initially diagnosed with
some sort of dermatitise and it wasn't until Moose River (her hiking partner)
mentioned to the staff that it might be a Recluse bite did they consider and
then confirm it.

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