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Hi to all,
I've been reading and enjoying this list for a few months now.  I am in my
late forties and have hiked the trail in sections for many years.  I have
about 500 miles to go mostly in Virginia and North Carolina. I have also
hiked extensively in my home state of Vermont and in the Whites. I love
section hiking altho I'm looking forward to the day when less obligations
will allow me to do it all over again in one trip. The PCT also calls.
Hiking is my great passion and the experiences I've had and the people I've
met have been unforgettable.  I think the community of the trail gives us a
taste of the power of people acting and experiencing a common vision while
truly appreciating the simple joys of life - a warm meal, a shelter, dry
clothes and nature as she works day by day. The trail is the single and
oldest most successful continuous volunteer effort in the world so it's no
wonder there's magic on it. Keep the magic alive and always pass on to
others the kindnesses shown to you. Even if I took every opportunity to do
so myself, I couldn't repay the many joys I have been given both by other
hikers in passing friendship or by townspeople willing to make my troubles
their own. Anyway, this is a great page. Thanks to all who made it and all
who add their thoughts.  Anyone interested in info about Southern VT Long
Trail or related things can contact me at dotmike2@sover.net
                                                  Bye for now, Dot MacDonald
                                                   D-TRAIN 1972-9? GA-ME