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Here's the dirt on me

    Hi! My name is Steve Coombs. I'm a section hiker in Durham, N.C..
Started from Springer on April 22,1989. I've done almost half the trail,
doing about a hundred miles a section. Left off last at Caledonia SP in
Penn.. Being a section hiker gives me something to look forward to each
year and allows me to meet hikers from different years, maybe some of
   Before starting the AT I had backpacked in the Rockies; New England with
the UMass Outing Club; Isle Royale NP; and the Colombian Andes when I was
in the Peace Corps.
   I try to do a section once or twice a year. I did miss last year, I
needed to use my vacation time to work on a sea kayak I built last summer.
This spring for sure I'll be back on the trail. Does anybody know a shuttle
driver willing to pick me up near Pine Grove, Pa. to take me back to my car
at Caledonia SP?
   Since I hike solo and meet different hikers each year I don't have a
trail name. Instead I sign registers:

                                Steve Coombs
                               Ga. 89 > Me. 21st Century

   Hope to see you down the trail...