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Here's the dirt on me

I tried to post this yesterday, but I don't think it worked. If it did
forgive me for repeating myself.

 Hello, my name is Steve Coombs. I'm a section hiker living in Durham,
N.C.. I started from Springer on April 22,1989.. So far I'm almost half
way, hiking in about one hundred mile sections. I left off in 94 at
Caledonia SP in Pa.. Being a section hiker gives me something to look
forward to each year and lets me meet hikers from different years, maybe
some of you all.
   Before starting my hike on the AT I had backpacked in the Rockies; New
England with the UMass Outing Club; Isle Royale; and the Colombian Andes as
a Peace Corps volunteer.
   I try to get on the trail at least once or twice a year. I didn't make a
section hike last year because I had to use my vacation time to work on a
sea kayak I built last summer. I'll be out there this spring though. Does
anybody know someone in central Pa. that would be willing to shuttle me
back to my car at Caledonia SP from near Pine Grove, Pa.?
   Nobody has given me a trail name so I sign registers:
                                      Steve Coombs
                                    Ga. 89 > Me. 21st Century

I think the reason there are so many new people on the list is that the
address was posted on rec.backpacking, that's where I saw it...

Hope to see some of you down the trail...