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dog $$$

Linda wrote:
 >i'm hoping to find someone who took their dog and had to do the kenneling 
and transport of their dog. i don't know how much $ it's going to take and 
what other hassles to consider.  any info along these lines would be greatly 
linda "o myrtle" wacker<

The last estimate for transportation I read was ~$200.  I found the 
information in
Dan "wingfoot" Bruce's Thru-hikers Guide (1994).  I ordered this year's 
and will let you know.  I highly recommend the book, I'd give you the 2 #'s 
he had
listed in the book for those providing this service, but I gave it away to 2 
hikers on
the trail during a practice hike!

Hey - can anyone out there supply her with these name and phone #s?

Good Luck!
L'il Engine
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