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Re: Lyme Disease..

   Yup, brown recluses (reclusi?!? ;-)) are nasty little creatures. 
My sister-in-law was bitten while my Navy-type brother was out for 3 
months. She caught the bite right after it happened -- at first she 
thought it might have been a bee sting, but went to the doctor the 
next day anyway. She had a wound similar to the one Troubadour 
describes -- large bite mark, severely bruised-looking flesh around 
the bite, lots of infection. She didn't have to stay in the hospital 
but she did have to make frequent trips back to the doctor's office 
just to have the wound cleaned out. No skin graft, but she does have 
a brutal-looking scar from it all.
   I guess we can't travel the trail in fear of whatever creatures we 
may come across, but keep an eye out for potential trouble. If you 
think you may have had a run-in with a brown recluse, or some other 
bad little beasty, get it checked out, pronto! Just use common sense, 
I guess.

Joe aka "Trail-nameless Joe" (as of yet)
GA-->ME '96 (If I'm lucky, that is!)