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Re: Lyme Disease..

>However, Purple Haze of '94 was bitten by a Brown Recluse Spider and had to
>leave the trail. Recluse bites make the most disgusting of wounds. By morning
>the bite mark on her leg had grown to the size of a silver dollar. The center
>was filled with white puss and all around that was black where the flesh had
>died. While she was being treated for the spider bite they also diagnosed her
>with Lyme Disease. Talk about a double whammy! Fortunately she was treated
>early enough and skin grafting wasn't neccessary for the spider bite.
>Hope this didn't gross anyone out.
>aka Troubadour

Yikes!  This reminds me of a phone conversation I had on my hike.  When I
was in Duncannon at the Doyle, I talked to my brother long distance.  I was
telling him about all the animals we had seen and the storms we had been
through and all that.  He asked if we had seen any spiders and I just
cracked up.  Seemed like a goofy question to me.

I just thought spiders were kind of a non-issue, like in every day life
(unless you're an arachnophobe).  Guess my brother has his fears well


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