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Re: Lyme Disease..

Hey WIXeR I didn't know that you caught Lyme Disease on the trail. I was
lucky and escaped unscathed. I saw a bunch of ticks but only one ever
attached itself to me and that was on my back.

However, Purple Haze of '94 was bitten by a Brown Recluse Spider and had to
leave the trail. Recluse bites make the most disgusting of wounds. By morning
the bite mark on her leg had grown to the size of a silver dollar. The center
was filled with white puss and all around that was black where the flesh had
died. While she was being treated for the spider bite they also diagnosed her
with Lyme Disease. Talk about a double whammy! Fortunately she was treated
early enough and skin grafting wasn't neccessary for the spider bite.

Hope this didn't gross anyone out.

aka Troubadour
If the oyster had hands, there would be no pearl. Because the oyster is
forced to live with the irritation for an extended period, the pearl comes to
be. --Stephen Nachmanovitch