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Seeking Articles about the A.T. and Elsewhere.

Well folks, If you enjoy the "Virtual Pathways" magazine and would like to
see it survive into december, I need to build up my contributor list to
around 100-200 people, so i can have an ample source of articles for the
magazine. I really don't like to have to scour the mailing lists and look
for articles to post in the e-mag, and If you have an article you want to
send to me feel free to send it ;) Starting in November, I am going to start
accepting Classifieds for the magazine. If you have anything you want to
contribute to the classifieds, send it on in, too. Right now i am seeking
some articles about hiking places around the world and around the U.S. so if
you have anything that fits these areas send them on into me.

The ezine can be found at:


  The 'zine can be viewed with any web browser...

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 James Bryan                                      Brentwood, TN  
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