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Hurricane Opal Damage in the Smokies...

*     Great Smokies - Power and phone service are out in many
areas of the park.  Newfound Gap road is closed and will probably 
remain closed for several days due to trees and a rockslide that are
lying across it. Campers were asked to leave Elkmont campground
near Gatlinburg early yesterday because of high water.  Many
trees are down across roads and trails.  

*     Blue Ridge - Many sections of the parkway are closed
because of trees that have fallen across the road.  Flooding has 
occurred in the northern portion of the parkway.  Linville Falls 
has been evacuated; the Asheville and Gillespie Gap Districts are 
closed. Rockslides and mudslides have also been reported.

Source: http://www.nps.gov/pub_aff/opal.htm
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