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Re: Trail conditions?

>Hi everyone,
>A friend and myself are planning on spending a few days on the AT toward the
>end of the month. We will be along the N.C./ TN. boarder north of the
>Smokies and I was wondering if anybody new what the condition of the AT is
>in that area since Huricaine Opal did her thru-hike.
> E. George Oeser

On Saturday, I did a 17 mile loop trail around Doughton Park, which is on
the Blue Ridge Parkway not too far from where you might be going. On
Friday, a ranger had told us that parts of the parkway were closed but
should be opened by Saturday. They were opened. On the trails, I saw more
than usual broken branches and muddy parts, but nothing that blocked our
passage. The streams/rivers were swollen more than usual, but were not
flooding then. My guess would be that you will have no problems by the end
of the month, but to be on the safe side, you should call a ranger in the
section where you will be going right before you go. Have fun!

Vicki Fowler