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Re: Making a list and checking it twice

>You mention the trail books for whatever section you are hiking.  To tell
>you the truth I was thinking about skipping them.  I have the hand book.  Do
>you think all those guide books are really necessary? Rich

Some people feel they need them, others don't. The most useful part of the
books are the maps, IMHO, since they have the elevation plots, and make
planning a little bit easier. The books may be just extra weight. If you're
going to carry anything, the Thru-Hiker's Handbook and the AT Data Book (a
small pamphlet with all the distances between landmarks) should do 'ya.

If you do decide that you want the guidebooks, the ATC has had a sale for
members around Christmas every year: all the guides for $100, or something
along those lines.

-- Dennis

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