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Re[2]: Making a list and checking it twice

>Though I am in fair physical shape I with all the Tylenal I think I'll need

This is an interesting point. Aspirin, Tylenol or I-DEW-PRO-FIN :)
Isn't Vitamin I the "breakfast of Champions"???

Also, I was wondering if Charlie's Bunion was open to hikers. Someone told me a 
few years back that the AT was rerouted around there.

Finally, one of my favorite trails is the "Long Trail", running from Mass to 
Canada (concurrently with the AT for a while).  Mansfield and Killington peaks 
are pretty cool for this Florida guy.  I'll do the Whites in 1997 when my 
youngest is five.

Mark Nickerson
Membership Chair, Florida Trail Association 800-343-1882
Oracle/Access/VB Gun for Hire