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Re[2]: Making a list and checking it twice

>>Though I am in fair physical shape I with all the Tylenal I think I'll need
>This is an interesting point. Aspirin, Tylenol or I-DEW-PRO-FIN :)
>Isn't Vitamin I the "breakfast of Champions"???

800mg of ibuprofen, q.i.d., did me just fine. Just have to remember to eat,
which isn't usually a problem ;->.

>Also, I was wondering if Charlie's Bunion was open to hikers. Someone told
>me a
>few years back that the AT was rerouted around there.

The AT no longer goes over Charlie's Bunion (at least it didn't in '92),
but there is still a blue-blaze over it. Lots o' warning signs, just to
make sure no one falls off in the high winds and slippery slopes of

-- Dennis