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Re: maine hike

>hi! im thinking of hiking the northern most section of the at from katahdin to
>monson, maine in october. anyone out there have any tips or points of interest
>in that section of the at.

    Although I have never hiked this section in it's entirety, I have hiked
a good part of the southern and northern ends.  The overwhelming opinion
seems to be that this section is beautiful.  Peaceful and quiet.  However,
it nearly everyone I have spoken with says it takes longer than you would
expect when considering the distance and elevation gains.  The entire
section has tree roots extending across the path making footing even on the
level sections very tricky.  It seems (from my informal poll) that this
section will take 9 or 10 days to cover.  It is a beautiful section and the
tricky footing just adds to the experience.

    So far the best map I have seen of the area is the ATC's own.  It has
both a standard topographic map as well as a relief map to show elevation

    Good luck! Let us know how things go!