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Re: maine hike

Entropy's Watcher writes:
> >hi! im thinking of hiking the northern most section of the at from katahdin

> it nearly everyone I have spoken with says it takes longer than you would
> expect when considering the distance and elevation gains.  The entire
> section has tree roots extending across the path making footing even on the
> level sections very tricky.  It seems (from my informal poll) that this
> section will take 9 or 10 days to cover.  It is a beautiful section and the
> tricky footing just adds to the experience.

That's one way to put it.  :^)  I found myself doing more 'climbing' up,
and down, than I liked.  Climbing backwards using handholds and grabbing
trees, especially with a heavy pack, wasn't always fun, but it is worth
it.  There are some lovely mountain tarns (that's redundant, that's what
that is) that you can pitch your tent by, as well as things like Gulf Hagas
to explore.  Don't pass it by.

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