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Re: Rain Gear

>In the process of gathering equipment, I don't know whether to go with
>Gore-tex, another waterproof material, or just nothing at all.  I would
>greatly appreciate any comments, opinions, or suggestions regarding rain
>wear, gaiters, waterproof/Gore-tex boots, etc.

I bought Gore-Tex prior to my '92 thru-hike, thinking to myself, "Well,
it's high time I invest in something like that anyway." Bzzt.

I found that, given the amount of sweat (not "perspiration", SWEAT) that
one generates while hiking a 20-mile day through, say, Vermont, in
mid-summer, you get wet with or without raingear, Gore-Tex or not. Or, at
least I did. Hell, I got wet wearing only a t-shirt and shorts on _sunny_
days. The raingear did serve as a wonderful windproof and anti-snow layer
while hiking in waist-deep snow through the Smokies, though, and you'll
absolutely bless it in cold rain.

With respect to sweat, though, of course, your mileage may vary.

Gaiters are very nice to have, if for no other reason than to keep mud and
twigs out of your boots. Waterproof boots are a must, although if you're
into ffull leathers (as I am) a few good coats of beeswax-based
waterproofer and a slightly warm oven (or fireplace) every few weeks of use
on the trail works just dandy.

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