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Re: maine hike

>hi! im thinking of hiking the northern most section of the at from katahdin to
>monson, maine in october. anyone out there have any tips or points of interest
>in that section of the at. i would appreciate any tips on clothing and food and
> places to find water in that area.thanks!!!!!  any maps????. ps whats the best
> in dried food?  ....

In October it's going to be COLD. I've hiked that section in
September and had to break ice out of the bottles in the morning.
You'll want plenty of clothes, including thermal underwear and
outerware that will insulate when wet (which it will likely be
much of the time). Also, a good sleeping bag would be one rated to -10
degrees for that time of year.
The trail is in generally good shape. Water shouldn't be a problem
except in the higher elevations of the Barren-Chairback Range, just
north of Monson. For trail details and maps you'll want the ATC
Guide to the AT in Maine, which will have all the info you need.

A couple of suggestions: Unless you are looking for the challenge,
prepare a couple of food drops in advance and resupply using the
Crawford Pond road north of Cooper Brook Falls lean-to and the St.
Regis road north of the Chairbacks. This will allow you carry less
weight than if you try to do the whole thing with a full pack.

Second, plan to take a day and explore the Gulf Hagas trail which
loops of the AT. Beutiful area and many folks miss it since they're
either low on food or eager to get to Katahdin.

As long as you are prepared for it, it should be a great trip.
Wish I were going.


PS Katahdin closes on October 15 or earlier if it gets snowed in.
plan accordingly.

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