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Re: New Member

> of October. Right now I am beginning to sort through the equipment catalogs.
> Most of the stuff I use to hike with now is 20 years old and there are an
> amazing number of new equipment choices.  This planning stage, though
> suddenly feels a little expensive is more fun than I thought it would be. 
> That's about it, any info. from experienced hikers, appreciated.    
>                                                        Rich Milewski     
   I'm envious!   It's been a lifelong dream of mine, also, to hike 
the AT end-to-end.     At this point in my career as a wage slave 
:-)......chances are, I won't be able to hike the whole thing until I 
retire...in the year 2020!

I'm not an equipment expert, but I'll give you my two cents anyway.   
Most of my gear is 20-25 years old.  I recently started backpacking 
again....after a long hiatus.    My backpack is a Kelty BB5 
expedition pack that I purchased in 1971.  Still works great.
My stove is a Svea with Sigg Tourist kit (1972).  It works ok, but it's a little out 
of date. The Svea often requires priming by lighting a small amount of fuel on the *outside* 
of the base to build up pressure in the tank below.  There are more efficient stoves 
available now  that perform better in cold weather with a lot less hassle.   
One thing that I would definitely not scrimp on is boots.   Get the 
best available.  Make sure they fit well.   I'm sure that others here 
on AT-L can chime in with recommended brands.

Have fun!   Keep us posted on your plans and progress!

   Barrington, Rhode Island