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New Member


I am new to the internet and am delighted to have found this list about the AT.

I will be turning 50 in 1997 and becoming a thru-hiker is one of those
things I promised my self I would do before then.  Over the years I have
hiked short sections of the AT for a week or two at a time.  Have done all
of NJ and most of PA and NY.  

Assuming my sabadical is approved, my plans at the moment call me for to
begin from Springer on or about April 1st. 96.  I must be finished by 1st.
of October. Right now I am beginning to sort through the equipment catalogs.
Most of the stuff I use to hike with now is 20 years old and there are an
amazing number of new equipment choices.  This planning stage, though
suddenly feels a little expensive is more fun than I thought it would be. 

That's about it, any info. from experienced hikers, appreciated.    
                                                       Rich Milewski