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Introducing me...

I found this list while perusing Kathy Bilton's homepage and, well, here 
I am.  I generally have an aversion to mailing lists, so I hope the 
conversation stays germane and the traffic stays reasonable.

I'm a Computer Science / Electrical Engineering major at Rice University.
As for more important things, my father and I plan to hike the AT in 
2 parts: summers of '96 and '97.  Sure a true thru-hike might be 
preferred, but it just doesn't fit into a student schedule.

When I was 13 I heard a teacher speak about his 3-part AT hike.  6 years 
later, while sitting in my dorm room, that presentation entered my head 
for some reason.  A week later I had convinced myself to hike the AT.  
That's about it for the inspirational story. 

We've just now started the more earnest planning, equipment gathering, 
etc.  I'm pretty well-read on the ATC materials; the hardest part now is 
keeping my patience for another 9 months.

It's great  to see technology bringing people with common interests
together.  Feel free to mail me, but be warned: I spend enough time in 
front of a computer between work and study, that I often will avoid 
e-mail that I don't have to respond to.  You may also check out my 
homepage, although I won't pretend it's very exciting.


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