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Since we're doing Intros...

...I guess I might as well join in with mine...

Name's Dennis Wilkinson, and I'm a Software Engineer with Charles River
Analytics in Cambridge, MA. I've been hiking and 'packing the AT in New
England for the past decade-plus, since I was just a wee lad (OK, a Boy
Scout... still a Boy Scout, definitely not a wee lad.)

I thru-hiked the AT in '92 as a member of the Falling Rock Patrol (along
with fellow THUDders Pete Ashworth and Tom Whelan, who I grew up with.) '92
was a very good year (only one dry spring all the way through Pennsylvania,
and no hurricanes or tornadoes to force one off the trail...)

I've talked to one or two other thru-hikers from various years (I know the
Phantom Engineer is out there somewhere...), just don't know who'll be
reading the list...

So, who else is out there?

-- Dennis

Dennis J. Wilkinson, II                 : Usual disclaimers apply. If I put
djw@cra.com                             : my foot in my mouth, it's my
Software Engineer                       : fault, and has nothing at all to
Charles River Analytics, Cambridge MA   : do with Charles River Analytics