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I'm afraid this is a bit long - so I hope nobody on the list is paying by 
the byte - but thought I'd go ahead and forward this to the list.  (A 
friend of mine just sent it to me.)


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>                       Space Activism Home Page
> Last updated June 1, 1995
> --------------------------------------------------------------------
>    The moderator of this site, John Lewis, is currently hiking the
>    Appalachian Trail. His trip started in the beginning of June at
>  Front Royal, VA and will end at Mt. Khatadin, ME in late September.
> Updates to the Space Activism page will resume in October. If anyone
>    would like to take over the activities of maintaining the Space
>  Activism Page, the contents of the site are available in Macintosh
>                           .sit.hqx format.
> --------------------------------------------------------------------
> Contents
> Current Activist Related News
>      Latest articles, newsletters, and press releases concerning
>      space
>      development and exploration arranged by latest additions to the
>      Space Activism Home page.
> ALERT!!!
>      Critical events need your immediate attention and action.
>      Space Science Data Purchase - Making It a Reality *Now*
> Guidelines for Effective Activism
>      Instructions on how best to get involved and make a difference.
> Political Contacts and Space Organizations
>      Links to government and congressional information as well as
>      Space related FAQ's.
> Related Links
>      Links to other sites on the Internet dealing with space
>      development
>      and exploration issues.
> --------------------------------------------------------------------
> The Space Activism page is seeking as much information as possible
> regarding groups, organizations and initiatives involved in
> promoting the development and exploration of space. If you have
> information, or suggestions for improving this page, please forward
> them to jlewis@qrc.com.
> --------------------------------------------------------------------
>                               ALERT!!!
> --------------------------------------------------------------------
> We need as many people as possible writing letters to their
> representatives in support of space related projects. See
> Backgrounder: The Annual US Congressional Funding Process. (5/23/94)
> for a recap on how funding works on the Hill.
> Get involved with the local space activists in your area. The
> National Space Society has chapters throughout the World. See the
> NSS Chapters list for contact information.
> Also, come attend the NSS
>   14th Annual International Space Development Conference (ISDC '95)
>                     to be held in Cleveland, Ohio
>                      May 18, 19, 20 & 21, 1995
> --------------------------------------------------------------------
> Space Access Update #51 5/16/95
>      DC-X Sixth Flight Test Successful. The DC-X reusable rocket
>      low-altitude operations testbed took off under cloudy skies on
>      its sixth flight this morning at 9:40 MDT. The test mission
>      lasted just over 123 seconds, beginning with a slanted ascent
>      to 4350 feet and 1150 feet downrange, continuing with a
>      horizontal translation to directly over the landing pad (350
>      feet from the launch stand), and finishing with a vertical
>      descent to a normal landing.
> NSS Space Hotline updated May 5
>      DON'T PUNISH SUCCESS! NASA Reinvention Efforts Deserve Stable
>      Budgets Space Supporters Warn Not to "Send the Wrong Signal"
> Space Group Cites NASA Pork Barreling - Calls for Immediate
> Cancellation of X-34 Small Booster Project. A Space Frontier
> Foundation News Release: 4/28/95
>      The Space Frontier Foundation, a national grassroots space
>      policy and media organization, is calling for NASA
>      Administrator Dan Goldin to cancel the X-34 Small Booster
>      Technology Program. According to a Foundation spokesman, X-34
>      does not meet the "X" Vehicle criteria; wastes scarce NASA
>      funds on a vehicle the chosen contractor would build anyway due
>      to market forces; and is the result of old style insider
>      porkbarreling at a time when the agency is claiming to be
>      changing its way of doing business.
> A False Profit on the Path to the Frontier: X-34 Small Booster
> Technology Program A Space Frontier Foundation White Paper; April
> 28, 1995
>      The Space Frontier Foundation wants government funding of the
>      X- 34 Small Booster Technology Program stopped immediately.
>      X-programs are supposed to produce leading edge technologies
>      beyond the scope of private sector research and development
>      capabilities. The X-34, however, is a low risk technology
>      development program, aimed at producing an operational vehicle
>      that will compete with current small commercial space launchers
>      and will in all probability stifle alternative private efforts
>      to achieve even more efficient systems.
> Space is a place; not a program.
>      Message 8 of the Frontier Files. "It's not a matter of scale or
>      budgets or time. The problem is with the fundamental purpose
>      and design of our space program. The painful fact is that our
>      space program can't open the space frontier because it wasn't
>      and isn't designed to do that."
> Space Science Data Purchase - Making It a Reality *Now*
>      Nearly everyone supports space science data purchase as a
>      needed NASA reform. The trick is to enact data purchase into
>      law in the 104th Congress. Your help is needed *now* to make
>      commercial space exploration a reality. Enclosed for your
>      review is language containing the basis for establishing space
>      science data purchase as the law of the land. Please pass this
>      language this along *now* to your elected officials - if you
>      belong to a pro-space organization, have a letter sent from
>      that organization, as well.
> Space Access Update #50 4/14/95
>      DC-X, X-33, NASA Cuts & Restructuring, Shuttle Contractor
>      Consolidation, Volunteers Take DC, SA'95 Schedule Firms Up;
>      "X-34" Questions; SAS Political Action Alert: Free The Pentagon
>      Thirty Million! DOD SSTO Funds Holdup Threatening X-33 Schedule
> One Small Step for a Space Activist... by Allen Sherzer Volume 6 No.
> 2 -- March 1994
>      This month's column addresses what the inside game for SSTO
>      will be this year but also what we activist outsiders can do to
>      help things along. The X-33 program is barely started and not
>      yet rolling. Two big dangers are that it could die from lack of
>      funding, or be rendered impotent by weak goals and politics
>      (both NASA and Congress). (April 10, 1995)
> Draft Space Exploration Awards Act of 1995
>      A proposed bill for the 104th Congress that would encourage
>      private companies to explore Mars. Please feel free to
>      distribute this document, as long as comments are pointed back
>      to David Anderman for incorporation in a later draft. (April
>      10, 1995)
> --------------------------------------------------------------------
> SPACE ACCESS '95 Conference April 21-23, 1995, Phoenix, AZ
> Lori Garver, Executive Director and Dr. Scott Pace, Policy Committee
> Chairman and Senior Vice President of the National Space Society
> presented testimony before the House Subcommittee on Space and
> Aeronautics on March 16
> Space Access Update #49 3/9/95
> House Space Subcommittee Nears NASA Budget Markup, Support Needed
> For Enough X-33 Funding To Assure Rapid Program Pace, Competitive
> Flyoff
> Space Frontier Foundation E-Mail Essay series
> 1996 NASA Budget Request
> NSS Press Release 95-1: Space Supporters' New Year's Resolutions: A
> Space Program for all of Us
> Space Access Society Political Alert 12/27/94 X-33 Future-Year
> Budget Problem
> The Lunar Resources Data Purchase Act: 1994 Final Update
> Don't Leave Space Explorers Powerless Space Advocates Decry RTG
> Budget Cuts NSS Press Release Nov-4
> Clinton Administration Puts Forward a New Space Launch Policy
> (FYI143)
> --------------------------------------------------------------------
> Why you should get active:
>      To give you all a calibrator for what constitutes a large
>      response on an issue like this, one House staffer on the
>      Science, Space, and Technology Subcommittee (not the
>      appropriations subcommittee) said she was amazed at the
>      amount of letters their office had received - they got a
>      grand total of ten. It seems that on a low-budget item
>      like Surveyor, anything more than half a dozen letters is
>      considered a big response. The power of net-prompted
>      letter-writing campaigns becomes immediately apparent.
>      Jeff Moersch: moersch@astrosun.tn.cornell.edu
>      As far as possible follow the usual rules - keep it to one
>      page, make the main point right at the start, and above
>      all be polite -- both we and the overworked staffers who
>      have to read these thank you. hvanderbilt@BIX.com
> While the Budget season has drawn to a close, below are links to
> action requests and information on the major issues from the height
> of the past budget season. JNL
>    * To support the Space Station, see the Space Station Future
>      Fighters Support the Space Station alert, or Space Station
>      Petition. Also see the Online Space Station Petition by Student
>      Space Action.
>    * To support the DC-X/SX-2, see Henry Vanderbilt's SAS Action
>      Alert - DOD Appropriations Conference Happens Tuesday or Acton
>      Request for SSTO: very urgent! (15-sept-94)
>    * To support the HR2731 Space Commercialization Act, see Return
>      to the Moon Campaign Update by David Anderman.
>    * To support the Mars Surveyor Program, see Mars Surveyor in
>      Congress, May 1994
> --------------------------------------------------------------------
> Disclaimer: This is a private project and not officially endorsed by
>  Quantum Research Corporation. The author is solely responsible for
>                             its contents.
> --------------------------------------------------------------------
> jlewis@qrc.com
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