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[at-l] Fast Talk (no walk)

I wouldn't complain too much, Jimbo; usually, when folx have nothing to say...they go ahead and post it anyway. Sorry to hear about your mishap.
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 Ryan gives us a faster server (Thanks, Ryan) and suddenly we have nothing to say. Is everyone hiking? 
 I'm sitting her with ice on my left ankle. I was raking leaves and stepped 
 into a hole that was hidden under an even layer of leaves. That is to say , 
 my heel was over the hole . Unfortunately my toes found the far edge and 
 with nothing under my heel the Achilles tendon got stretched farther than 
 it ought. OUCH! I should have gone hiking instead of raking the lawn. :( From tinman at antigravitygear.com  Fri Apr 29 03:27:54 2005
From: tinman at antigravitygear.com (George (Tin Man) Andrews)
Date: Fri Apr 29 04:28:28 2005
Subject: [at-l] wind screen
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On 4/28/05 7:49 PM, "David A Jones" <dajones@isp.com> wrote:

> I need to construct a wind screen.  What have you guys done for a wind
> screen?
> A couple days ago OB said he used a piece of hardware cloth for a pot
> stand (and a wind screen)?
> What is hardware cloth?


I have just received my first batch of new style windscreens from the
manufacturer and am very pleased.  We found the same material MSR is using
for their tall screens and made them 4 inches high instead and have the
edges rolled over to finish them off.  they are 4 inches high and 24 inches
long and should be available on the new website in the next day or two.  The
screens are foldable and can wrap around the fuel bottle for storage.  MSR's
screens are too large and cost $10.  We have them soon-to-be-available for
$5.  You can make a very servicable screen with heavy duty foil.  Take a 24
inch long piece and fold it lengthwise 3 or 4 times to a height of 3 to 4

If you make or buy a stove with side holes you don't need a pot stand
because the stove is the pot stand.  We also have a new formed primer pan
also that is really nice.  weight 2/10 oz and double flanged for strength
and fits on top of the stove when stored inside an 8 oz ziplock container to
protect the stove.  We put a pot cozy on the container to let it do double
duty as an insulated mug.  The primer pan causes the stove to bloom in about
10 to 15 seconds instead of 60 to 90.  Again, you can make a perfectly
serviceable primer pan with an 8 inch square of aluminum foil folded in half
twice to make a 4 inch squar.  Slightly fold the edges up to form a shallow
pan and use about 1/4 teaspoon to prime.

I'll have them both at Trail Days so stop by the booth for a demo.  Our new
website goes up tonight or tomorrow and will have some interesting
surprises.  (all good I hope!)

See you in Damascus?
Tin Man