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[at-l] My Gear - Opinions Please

The three together way just about 10lb.  Weight is
important to me, but cost is just important.  I have
read up on weights, though, and I am choosing gear
that weighs as little as possible.

I chose a 0 degree bag because I am a *very* cold
sleeper.  At home, with my thermostat set to 68 year
round, I sleep with at least one blanket, even in
summer.  If I get too hot, I can always sleep on top
of the bag, but I doubt that will be an issue.

--- Jim and/or Ginny Owen <spiriteagle99@hotmail.com>
> Around here you will find that most people are more
> interested in how much 
> something weighs than in how much it costs.  What do
> those items weigh?  Is 
> the total for the three less than 10 lbs?  If not,
> time to rethink.  Also - 
> why a zero degree bag?  That is only useful in
> midwinter.  For three season 
> use a 20 degree bag is best if you only have one
> bag.  If you are only 
> backpacking midsummer you can get away with a 40
> degree bag.

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