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[at-l] My Gear - Opinions Please

Around here you will find that most people are more interested in how much 
something weighs than in how much it costs.  What do those items weigh?  Is 
the total for the three less than 10 lbs?  If not, time to rethink.  Also - 
why a zero degree bag?  That is only useful in midwinter.  For three season 
use a 20 degree bag is best if you only have one bag.  If you are only 
backpacking midsummer you can get away with a 40 degree bag.

Wearing running shoes is fine as long as your pack weight is light and your 
feet and ankles are strong.  The rocks in PA can be hard on those wearing 
running shoes, but some people do fine with it.  Personally, I prefer a bit 
more ankle support and a more rigid last when I am on rocky trails, but 
depending on where you are hiking and how heavy your load, you may be fine.  
Try it and see how you do.  My husband can't wear running shoes on hikes 
more than five miles as they kill his feet.  But light boots work fine for 
him.  I'll wear runners on day hikes and hikes in places where the trail is 
soft or flat (i.e. PCT or SNP)  but light boots if I'm doing a long 
backpacking trip on rough or snowy ground.